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Kentucky OAR

Mission statement
Kentucky OAR was created to provide the Commonwealth of Kentucky with access to web-based information and resources on prevention, treatment, and recovery from alcohol, drugs, and other addictions.

Who we are
We are a team of professionals in the fields of substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery, who are participating in the Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy.  The Michael E. Townsend Leadership Academy is an opportunity for leaders in the field of substance abuse throughout Kentucky to collaborate and further enhance the industry.  Part of our commitment to participating in the Leadership Academy includes the development of a project that will improve the substance abuse field.  Our team chose to create a website that would be easily accessible and provide local, national, and web-based resources for individuals seeking information on prevention, treatment and recovery.  Our hope is that our project will assist individuals, their families, and concerned persons in the community with finding the information they need in one simple, all-inclusive site.

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